At first look, these photos look pretty typical. Wedding, graduation photos, team shots, nothing to see here. But wait! When you see it, they are actually quite funny.

Owl Photobomb

Look to the right of the Owl in focus.

Take your Great Dane to class day?

Fourth row from the top.

Ummm What?

Looks like that woman has legs and feet for arms and hands.

Kid Photobomb

Did you see the kid between the to people?

What happened to that dog?

Looks like the dog was cut in half. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in this picture.

A new hairstyle

Spider hair extensions? Somebody help her!

Ninja Cat

Ninja cat hiding in the TV stand.

Graduation Day Photobomb

The girl in the middle is going around making the graduation photos kind of creepy.

Floating Lady

When you outfit matches the floor.

Where are the kids?

When you’re babysitting and have your friends over, but don’t want to be bothered with actually doing your job.

Selfie Fail

When you’re working from home and have a video conference call.

Just a girl with a topknot right?

Oh wait, it’s a man bun.

Perfect Hairflip

What’s that girl in the orange jumpsuit doing?

Mother nature showing her true colors.

How many people do you see in this picture?

The girl on the left doesn’t get out much.

What hairy arms you have.

Are your arms that hairy?

Check the mirror before showing off you injuries.

Does she have three leg?

Oh wait, that’s a vase.

What’s that in the couch?

The bottom left hand corner is staring at you.


Hillarious Moments Of Jealous People Caught On Camera

These jealous people just happen to be spotted sporting the green with envy look at the wrong moment. The result is a hilarious set of photos that should remind each and everyone that this could happen to any of us.

These Guys Wish They Were In His Shoes.

When Your Friend Catches The Bigger Fish. 

We’ve all been that baby at some point. 

Look How Big They Are!!

When You’re The Third Wheel. 

Having A Dog Works. 

Animals Can Get Jealous Too. 

He Wished He Had Someone To Embrace Like That Guy.

The Cat That’s Green With Envy. 

This Little Girl Isn’t Too Happy.

How To Protect A Relationship. 

This Women Got Caught Glancing At Those Curves. 

Your Love For Cake. 

She Has A Bigger Ice Cream. 

When Puberty Wasn’t Kind To You. 

She’s Making Sure He Doesn’t Get A Peek. 

It’s part of human nature to feel envious – it’s part of you and it’s not going anywhere. Just make sure you don’t get caught on camera with jealousy written all over your face like those people above.