Man Designs Glitter Bomb Package That leaves a Nasty Smell And a Mess

Porch Pirates Beware.

Mark Rober’s muse was a package thief.

Two package thieves, to be exact, both of whom had made off with a delivery from his California porch one day in broad daylight, about seven months ago.

If you have ever had a package stolen off your front porch, you probably wanted to exact a bit of revenge on the thief. That was the feeling that former NASA engineer and current YouTube DIY extraordinaire Mark Rober had when someone swiped a box from his door earlier this year. The police wouldn’t help, so Rober put his engineering background to work and crafted the perfect porch pirate deterrent: A glitter bomb.

“So you also feel powerless. And I just felt like something needs to be done to take a stand against dishonest punks like this,” Rober said in a YouTube video posted Monday. “And then I was like, hold up.”

Rober explained he had spent nine years working for NASA, including designing hardware for the Mars Curiosity rover that is, well, currently roving Mars.

In order to craft his glitter bomb, Rober loaded up his bait box with motion sensors, a GPS tracker, and wide-angle lens cameras with LTE connections to capture the reaction of his deserving victim. He packed all of that into the box for an Apple HomePod, a perfect, pricey accessory that could tempt any would-be thief into action. The package contained what Rober described as “a buttload” of glitter that would shoot up as soon as the box was opened. For good measure, he tossed in a fart spray that would fill the air with a rank smell, likely forcing the criminal to ditch the package rather than deal with the fumes.

With the help of friends, Rober mocked up a design for his ideal trap: It would be disguised as a package — specifically, a cellophane-wrapped Apple HomePod box he knew would be “enticing” for any porch pirate. It would be GPS-enabled, so he could track its journey once it left his home perimeter. It would record video with embedded cellphones, no matter how the thief picked up the parcel.

And, once triggered, it would be glittery. So glittery. Check ot the video below to see how it all came to fruition. It’s Epic!!

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