Gorgeous Animals With Unique Markings

The animals below have some of the coolest, most unique,  markings I’ve ever seen on animals. Some of these guys are pets. Some are wild animals, out there in the jungle or the desert flaunting their stylish markings for the world to see.

Heart Eyes

Look at this precious Dalmatian with perfect little hearts around both of his eyes!


This pup has some bold and brash eyebrows, which is awesome because they are totally in style.


This handsome mustachioed fella is Hamilton the Hipster Cat. That’s right. He has his own Facebook page and everything.

Inky feet

This dog looks like he waded through a vat of black ink! But his markings are totally natural.

Baby Cow

The most amazing thing about this young calf that clearly has the number “7” on its face is that his siblings all have 1-6.

Tiny top hat

First of all, this kitten is ridiculous. It has this perfectly round face and giant eyes, but on top of that, it’s got this little black marking that looks just like a top hat!

Smile dog

This little pup resembles a certain Batman villain…


You might think this was two different parakeets if you just saw this bird’s profiles. This parakeet is chimeric, which means it has a mixture of different genetic tissues that come from two fertilized eggs that fused together in the womb.

Pink katydid

This bright pink katydid isn’t painted. This color can occur naturally in animals due to a condition called Erythrism.

Trippy Turtle

Look at this gorgeous creature! This turtle is leucistic, which is a condition in animals where they don’t have pigmentation in certain areas on their body but still have color in some places.

Dick the Dog

I think it’s pretty clear what this very unique marking on the back of this Jack Russell terrier looks like.

Two faced

Not only does this cat have a perfect line down the middle of its face, but its eyes are two different colors as well! Amazing.

Oh, deer!

Look at this precious baby deer! If I saw this little one in the wild, I would try to feed it berries from my hand.

Crazy Toad

This is a very rare, endangered species of toad from Costa Rica.

A star is born

This pretty pup with a star on her back is a Beagle/Cocker Spaniel mix named Regal Ruby Rose. You can follow her adventures on Instagram, and you probably should.

Last but not least, this little puppy with a heart on its back.


A Captive Dolphin Teaches ” Tail-Walking” To Other Dolphins In The Wild

We all know dolphins can learn all sorts of tricks when they’re in captivity.

But a new study has shown how they go on to teach tricks to each other in the wild, like ‘walking on water’.

The 30-year study, led by Whale and Dolphin Conservation with the universities of St Andrews and Exeter, looked at how the trick was learned by a single dolphin then copied by peers in the wild.

And then – like a human fad – the skill dies out, according to the research, which is published in the Royal Society’s ‘Biology Letters’.

According to the research, ‘tail walking’ rarely occurs in the wild but is standard in most routines taught to dolphins in captivity.

The study focused on Billie, one of the dolphins in WDC’s adoption programme, who was rescued from a polluted creek in January 1988, spending several weeks in a dolphinarium before being released back into the wild.

Billie appears to have learned tail walking by watching performing dolphins, continuing to do the trick when back in the wild.

Apparently soon after other dolphins in Billie’s local community began copying her behavior and by 2011 nine dolphins had been observed tail walking in the wild.

Despite the initial fad, after 2011 the number of dolphins tail walking in the wild declined with the most prolific tail walker dying in 2014, leaving only two but even they only performed the trick sporadically.

Lead author of the paper, WDC’s Dr. Mike Bossley, said it was only because he had been studying the Adelaide dolphins for more than 30 years that the significance of tail walking was recognized.

“I knew Billie’s history and was able to track her behavior and that of the other dolphins in the community over an extended period,” he said. “This enabled me to observe tail walking spread through the community and then its eventual fade away.”

University of St Andrews researcher Dr. Luke Rendell, a co-author who specializes on researching whale and dolphin cultural behavior, said: “Once again we see the power of being able to study cetaceans over extended periods that mean something given their lifespans. Dr. Bossley’s long-term commitment has afforded us a revealing insight into the potential social role of imitation in dolphin communities.”
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25 Places Nobody Is Allowed To Visit

You’d be surprised with some of these places and the reasons why you can’t visit any of them. Here’s a list of 25 places and the reasons why nobody can go there.

Google Data Centers

Google Data Centers are situated in different corners of the world, and the company works from 15 different sites. The only way we can see this secret high-security place is through the pictures that the company has shared. Google stores our personal information and the company’s proprietary information locked behind doors that no one can reach. They have high security that we are assuming cannot be broken, as no one did till date.

Niihau, The rent-free Island

The island of Niihau is situated in Hawaii and is a famous place because it is said that the residents live here rent-free. Don’t get excited as no one is allowed to move to Niihau. In 1864, the island was purchased by the Robinson family from the Kingdom of Hawaii. No outsiders are allowed on the island since then, the native Hawaiians live there without any cars, roads, running water, stores or telephones, they receive deliveries by boat from the neighboring islands.

Ashgabat, The Capital City

Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan and not even the native people are allowed in the capital. As the city is said to be a showcase for the entire world. The place is open to tourist but one has to be very clear about the obligations. You aren’t even allowed to sleep on the bus.

Coca-Cola Vault

Regardless of the fact, whether Coca-Cola is liked by the majority of consumers or not, the secrecy maintained about the drink’s ingredients since the late 1800s is quite impressive. The written copy is safe in a Vault in Atlanta U.S. While anyone can see the first vault, there’s a second vault too that stores the original papers. So far, the tradition is maintained that only two employees have the access to those papers. In case, one dies, the second employee selects another successor from the company employees.

Snake Island

Snake Island, near the Brazilian coast, Atlantic Ocean. For obvious reason, the island got its name, with 430,000 snakes, on the 430,000 square meters of land, the place holds an average of 1 snake per square meter. Many of them are endangered species of snakes. Unless you are in the Brazilian Navy, you’ll never get a chance to visit Snake Island, although, we are quite sure that you wouldn’t wish to go their either.

Area 51

Area 51, U.S., became popular among Americans and later the whole world became curious about what goes on within these premises is a secret. If we tell you about the conspiracy theories that connects Area 51 with UFOs and Aliens. As per the CIA, the official name of Area 51 is Homey Airport and Groom Lake. The intelligence was bound to admit the existence of Area 51 in 2005 under a Freedom of Information Act request.

KFC Recipe Vault

Kentucky Fried Chicken secures its secret recipe as 50% of the spice mix is produced in the Griffith laboratories. Then the mixture is delivered to the McCormick company, where the recipe is completed and sent to KFC. The vault contains the secret recipe, signed by Harlan Sanders himself with the sample of herbs and spices, which are mixed.

Surtsey Iceland

Surtsey, Iceland is a volcanic island. In the 1960s, there was an eruption for 4 years, which decreased the size of the island from 2.7km square to less than half of that area. Scientists, who are the only people allowed on the island said that according to its current state of erosion, the remaining land will fall below the sea level by 2100.

Poveglia, The Haunted Island

Poveglia Island is situated between Venice and Lido is a place you would never like to explore. During the 18th century, the place was sealed with buried victims of the Black Death. More 100,000 people have died on the island over the last decades and hence for the reason, it is said to be a striking location for paranormal activities. The island once had a hospital and asylum as per the rumors, a doctor used to perform lobotomy experiments here.

Diavik Diamond Mine

This Canadian diamond mine plays an important role as an industrial complex, as more than 1000 people work here. The mine produces 7 million carats of diamond each year which means 1400 kg of diamond!

Cinderella’s Castle Suite

Cinderella’s apartment is located in the Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyworld, one of the exclusive places in the Disney universe. The suite which was built for the Disney Family is now renovated and used as hotel rooms. Sadly, the suite will never be available to be booked as it is offered by invite-only, which is only for super rich and famous personalities. The suite gives a fairytale experience, with its castle-gray stone walls, hardwood paneling, and a marble inlaid floor that has an elaborate design of the pumpkin coach Cinderella took to the ball.


Chernobyl is a city in Ukraine, that was evacuated in 1986 because of the most impactful nuclear power plant accident ever. The area, known as the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation, which covers about 30 kilometers stays closed till date. After 30 years of the devastating incident, the city has a population of a few 100 people with two shops and 1 hotel for tourists. It is only when the Ukrainian government’s organized tour takes place, that anyone can visit this place. It is a huge risk in itself as the surroundings are considered to be the most polluted around the globe.

Bank Of England Vaults

Established in 1694, the Bank of England is the central bank of the UK. Its safes are located underneath London. The security is 1000s time more than any other regular bank as the Bank of England holds gold reserves of 30 other countries and of the UK itself. It stores 3% of the complete gold that is ever mined so far and the worth is more than £156,000,000,000.

Zone Rouge. The Dead War Zone

Zone Rouge or ‘Red Zone’ as it means in English, is 1200 square km French area. The place is restricted as it was destroyed completely during the World War I around 100 years ago. The number of bodies and explosives still contaminate the nearby environment and hence the French government took steps to forbid human activity in this place. Over the period of years, the prohibited area is now less than compared to before.

RAF Menwith Hill

This Royal Air Force station is located in Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England, UK. Though the place is under the control of Her Majesty’s government, the U.S. authorities are responsible for its administration. The place consists of the housing, community facilities, and high-technology installations. Only employees are given an entry, no one else. The place is rumored to be part of the ECHELON system which is capable of intercepting both private and commercial communications.

Queens Bedroom: 1 Trespasser

Buckingham Palace is known as the residence of the royal family. The place is open for tourists as well but so far there’s only one person who managed to get through the security and entered the queen’s bedroom. In 1982, Michael Fagan made his second attempt to see the queen and this time he got through the royal bedchamber and woke up the queen who immediately called the security.

Ise Grand Shrine

This Shinto shrine complex is situated in Japan and there are two main shrines in Ise Grand Shrine. The annual fests are conducted here and the public can visit some parts of the place. However, there are many portions of this area where no one is allowed to enter, one can explore the forest areas here. It is assumed that the site is home to the Sacred Mirror, which is said to have been forged by a Shinto deity but mostly it is said that the mirror was lost in a fire in the 9th century.

Disney Club 33

Another famous yet mysterious place in the Disneyworld is the Disney club 33. Nowadays, everyone who visits Disneyworld is aware of it but again it’s membership is either on the invite basis only or it is very expensive to afford on such membership. The membership fee is $10,000 per year with a $25,000 initiation fee. The original club is located in Disneyland, California, U.S. Other than this, there are two more clubs across the world.


Mezhgorye, a town in Russia is buried deep in the southern Ural Mountains. This place was founded in 1979 and is a nuclear missile base. Mezhgorye is one of the secret facilities in Russia. Apparently, the place has sensors that detect a nuclear attack and attacks right back.

Air Force One: One Year Waiting List For Journalists

No one is allowed in the president’s plane. AF1 includes a small gym, a presidential suite, an electronic defense system, and a situation room. The windows are armored and the plane can withstand a nuclear blast! It even takes over a year for the journalists to be entrusted to the Secret Service who gives them clearance to board.

Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is a biblical artifact, a golden chest with two stone tablets consisting of the Ten Commandments. So far, its location is a secret. Most probably it kept in the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, in Ethiopia, unfortunately, the entry to the church is forbidden.

North Sentinel Island: Do Not Disturb!

North Sentinel Island, is situated in the Bay of Bengal, is one of the countable places which are far from the modern era. The natives of this island have never shown interest in the outside world. They maintain distance from the helicopters, once they’ve thrown arrows and rocks on the aircraft and have killed the two fishermen who mistakenly reached the shore. The government of India has forbidden this island.

Vatican Secret Archives

In the 17th century, Pope Paul V chose to split the Vatican documents, forming the Vatican Secret Archives. These documents can only be accessed by qualified researchers. Vatican Archives holds approx 85 kilometers of shelving. The oldest document in those shelves is from the 8th century.

Lascaux Caves

In 1940, it was discovered by a group of teenagers. The Grotte de Lascaux caves are situated in Southern France and are more than 17,500 years old. The caves are a UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 600 paintings on the walls and ceilings. The caves were visited by people even after World War II, however, with the increase of tourists, the place was soon closed from the fear of contamination by more than 1200 visitors per day. Scientists are trying to determine the number of visitors that can be allowed in the future to visit the caves.