Tattoos That Can Play Actual Music

Skin Motion’s augmented reality tattoos can be read and played back by a phone. Mobile app and artist platform for augmented reality tattoos, Skin Motion, launched its first product in June. Soundwave Tattoos enable people to experience their ink in a new way, offering an app that reads a tattoo … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Light Bulb Terrarium

The lightbulb is the universal sign for a great idea, and is it any wonder why? After all, it provides us with a steady amount of light and its invention revolutionized the way we interact with our day-to-day worlds. But when a bulb burns out, it’s practically useless… well, almost. … Continue reading

Top 10 Horrifying Urban Legends From Around The Globe

Top 10 Horrifying Urban Legends From Around The Globe

Halloween is approaching, and this October includes a potentially ominous Friday the 13th. So what better way to get your chill on than reading about some creepy urban legends that have freaked people out for many years. 10 El Silbon As told in Venezuela and Colombia, El Silbon is a tale about a … Continue reading